Swedish Massage

Swedish massage can vary from a light and soothing touch to a firm pressure focusing on areas of tension and some attention to knots. This is ideal for those looking to simply relax, reduce stress or anxiety, and those who want some adhesions and knots gently worked out without the intense pressure of a deep tissue massage.

60 minutes- $120

75 minutes- $145

90 minutes- $170

Custom Combination

If you prefer something in between a swedish and deep tissue, more than a swedish but less than a deep tissue, or swedish with deep tissue to only a specific area, this option is perfect for you. This option is more popular than the regular Swedish relaxation massage, as most people are looking for a little more.

60 minutes- $125

75 minutes- $153

90 minutes- $180

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage typically is a mix of a deep relaxing touch & a more intense focus on any knots and areas of tension. Deep tissue can also include a variety of other techniques such as trigger point therapy, sports massage, and stretching. I recommend booking at least 75 minutes, you will find that the more time I have the more detailed and focused I can get on any problem areas.

60 minutes- $130

75 minutes- $160

90 minutes- $185

Hot Stone Massage

Let the heat from the smooth basalt stones melt away your tension. Stones are used to warm the tissues and relax the muscles with a firm to medium pressure, slowly allowing for a deeper massage. Hot stone massage aids in soothing aches and pains, and improves circulation. For a more intense pressure or those who prefer deep tissue, see below.

60 minutes- $155

75 minutes- $180

90 minutes- $205

Hot Stone/Deep Tissue Combination

Combines the methods and techniques used in both hot stone massage and deep tissue. Hot stones are used the majority of the time, adding regular deep tissue massage after warming each area and releasing most tension with hot stones. This is best for clients who normally receive deep tissue massage, as a regular hot stone massage does not allow for the same intensity as a deep tissue.

75 minute- $190

90 minutes- $215


Reflexology is a therapeutic healthcare modality that uses a series of techniques including alternating pressure applied to reflex points on the feet, based on the premise that these points are associated with each part of the body. This results in stress reduction which may enhance the function of the immune system, activate self-healing, improve circulation, and restore balance and normalization of body functions.

15 minutes (add on only)- $38     30 minutes- $70     45 minutes- $105 *includes addition of hands*​     60 minutes- $135 *includes hands & ears*

Add-ons  ​*can be added to any session 60 minutes or more!

*Aromatherapy*Add on to any session, with choices such as lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and more. Choose from a selection at the time of your session.$8

*Hand or foot treatment*includes Hot eco-friendly wax treatment with warm mitts or booties and massage. A natural, petroleum free alternative. A rich blend of palm, soy, jojoba, & organic coconut oils, shea butter, vitamin E, and essential oils. Available in Lavender & vanilla, or Raspberry & grapefruit. (Similar to paraffin, & very moisturizing!)  $16 

*Sugar scrub - hands or feet* includes your choice of scrub, made in house, with hot towel treatment and massage. Currently available in lavender, chocolate, or vanilla almond. $16

*Cold stone eye treatment w/face & scalp massage*includes cold marble stones, herbal eye pads, face & scalp massage - stones are placed under each eye to relax and soothe puffy eyes, help tone eye muscles and lessen wrinkles, & help eliminate dark circles under the eyes. Herbal eye pads are cooled and placed on top of your eyes, containing a soothing blend of lavender and chamomile flowers to further soothe puffy eyes. $16


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​* 120 minute massage available by request to previous clients, on a limited basis. ($235-$260)