Designed to pamper, with a special savings for trying a selection of add-ons. Must be mentioned at time of booking in order to prepare for your services! The perfect gift.

*As these packages are already designed with a discount for you, no other offers can be applied towards a package*

Heat & feet - Pamper your toes & warm your soul

90 minutes - Includes hot stones applied to back, foot scrub, aromatherapy, and eco-fin hot wax treatment.

$205/Swedish     $220/Deep Tissue      ($15 savings)

Heat & feet with reflexology - Pamper your toes, warm your soul, and connect with your body as you try just a bit of reflexology.

90 minutes - Includes 10 minutes reflexology, hot stones applied to back, foot scrub, aromatherapy & eco-fin hot wax treatment. Includes take home 4 oz body scrub.

$225/Swedish     $239/Deep Tissue      ($25 savings)

2 hour ultimate relaxation - Truly treat yourself with a little bit of everything. This package includes all available add-ons at a special price. You deserve it!

120 minutes - Includes 15 minutes reflexology, hot stones applied to back, foot scrub, aromatherapy, & eco-fin hot wax treatment. Plus cold stone eye treatment complete with face & scalp massage. Includes take home body scrub & bath tea, 4 oz each. **$53 total savings for trying it all!**

$290/Swedish     $315/Deep Tissue      ($53 savings)